Upcoming Noureddine Amir
Sculpted dresses 23 February - 22 April 2018

Noureddine Amir’s creations raise ambiguous questions. Are they fashion or architecture from another time? Are they apparel or abode? The textures, colors, and shapes by far recall the Amazigh constructions encountered in the towns lying in the southern part of North Africa, from Morocco to Egypt.

Amir works on a garment as if he were working on an animal hide. Taking wool, raf a, and silk, he submits them to a speci c treatment. They undergo a transformation in order to be adapted or readapted to life. Before reaching the public, they are submitted to an initiation process. They are dyed with henna, dried pomegranate peel, and indigo. Sometimes they are treated with alum. Yet those who know these materials and the many ways in which they are traditionally used know that many women use them to tan animal hide and strengthen their own skin.

The gallery

Every year, the work of a photographer who worked
with yves saint laurent will be shown at the gallery.
The inaugural exhibition will present photographs by
André Rau

The inaugural exhibition is titled Thirty Years of the Fashion House… in Marrakech, and will present photographs by André Rau that appeared in the French edition of Elle in 1992.

Ten photographs by Rau highlight iconic Yves Saint Laurent garments worn by Catherine Deneuve. They were shot in Marrakech, in places dear to the couturier, including the Jemaa el Fna Square and the interior of his home, the Villa Oasis. These photographs shine a spotlight on the artist and his muse in harmonious settings.

“One day while shooting, Yves Saint Laurent spoke to me of his love for Marrakech, of the colours and light found there, and its art of living. He also spoke passionately about the Jardin Majorelle and his tranquil villa where he would design his collections. In 1992, when I was contacted by Anne-Marie Perrier – at the time Editor in Chief of Elle Magazine (France) – and asked to record the 30th anniversary of the YSL fashion house, Marrakech immediately came to mind. The element of surprise is very important in photography. One doesn’t expect to see Catherine Deneuve in an out-of-the-way barber shop, or dressed in ‘le smoking’ in the middle of a teeming marketplace.” André Rau, photographer

The theatre lobby

In the theatre lobby, one sees the important work
done by yves saint laurent
for the theatre, ballet, cabaret and cinema

From the beginning of the 1950s until the end of his career, the couturier was greatly influenced by the stage and screen, as seen by a selection of sketches, drawings and photographs of the costumes he designed for them. He worked alongside Roland Petit, Claude Régy, Jean-Louis Barrault, Luis Buñuel and François Truffaut. His costumes were worn by Jean Marais, Zizi Jeanmaire, Arletty, Jeanne Moreau, Isabelle Adjani and Catherine Deneuve, who would become one of his closest friends.